The Foundation Miniature Jersey is classified as being under 42” in height with a number of them being in the range of 32” to 36” or smaller. For purposes of the American Miniature Jersey Association and Registry the Foundation stock are to be 42” and under. Small Jerseys that are between 42” and 46” will be classified as Mid-sized Jerseys in the registry.

The number of Foundation Miniature Jerseys in the country is very small. Therefore in order to expand the breed and keep it strong and accomplish the popular Miniature size the Registry will accept percentage animals sired by Miniature Jersey registered sires. The breeder can work with the percentage animals and gradually breed them up to the status known as Native Pure (bred in this country). When the females reach 7/8 or more Miniature Jersey blood and the males 15/16ths or more Miniature Jersey blood they will become Native Pure. This is known as the Miniature Jersey breed to pure Program.

One of the crosses that has been found to be a complimentary one in the breed to pure program and which promises to be a great asset to the development of ‘little Homestead milk cows’ is known as the Jey Low.

The Jey Low is the cross between the Miniature Jersey and the Lowline also a miniature cattle breed.  The Miniature Jersey is a breed that is low in numbers but high in popularity being unique as the only miniature dairy breed.

In order to increase numbers and availability of these wonderful little cows that have almost been bred out of existence, the AMJA&R is advocating the development of the special little Homestead, dual purpose cows known as Jey Lows. Upon breeding of the two miniature breeds the offspring possess the following desired traits:

#1. They are an extremely good cross with excellent udders bringing out the best of both breeds.

#2. The Jey Low has an excellent disposition.

#3. The Jey Low is naturally polled 98% of the time.

#4. The Jey Lows Retain the milking ability of the Jersey.

#5. The Jey Lows bring out the excellent beef quality of the Lowline Angus

#6. They also show good promise for dealers.

#7. The Jey Lows have an excellent chance to be the outstanding cross breed of the future as a milker on the dairy side and  producer of quality meat on the beef side. They produce tender, high quality meat.

#8. The Jey Lows are outstanding for milk and butter production.

#9. When Miniature Jerseys are bred to Lowlines nearly all of the offspring are in the Miniature size range. Any that do

 reach the mid-miniature size range of 42” 46” remain eligible for registry in that size range.


Jey Lows have it all as a crossbreed. Small, gentle, better feed conversion, do well on pasture or grass fed, easier on pasture, less fencing requirement, etc. This dual purpose cross will replace having to keep two breeds, dairy and beef. The Jey Lows are excellent for the small land owner or homesteader. We have been working with this breed for the last five years:


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Most of the calves are chocolate colored in varying shades but once in a while one will be Jersey colored. The Lowline side offers calving ease and ease of handling. They are suited to a wide range of climate and weather conditions. The Jey Lows do very well in areas where feed is limited. They are well suited for small acreages as well as large operations.

For those who are interested in involving your young family members in the family cattle project the Jey Low is a cross that will make good 4-H projects. They do not require the large handling facilities or equipment . Because of their small mature size, they produce a smaller and high-quality cut of meat. The size makes them easier to transport to shows or to market. We try to imprint all newborn calves and also bottle feed all heifer calves. Our cows range from 32 to 40 inches.




  1. Ideally a beginning breeder may want to buy a Registered Miniature Jersey bull or semen and some registered Miniature Jersey cows. In lieu of these cows they may wish to use standard Jersey cows and gradually breed down in size.
  2. Because of the current small genetic base for the Miniature Jersey breed another option for a beginning breeder would be to buy a Registered Miniature Jersey bull or semen and some small cows of another breed or combination of breeds. To this end the Jey Low is an ideal consideration.
  3. In the realm of homestead or small-acreage cows these little cows are valuable assets, whether they are miniature or mid-miniature in size.
  4. Re: Registration of Breeding Stock females.  Breeding stock of breeds other than Miniature Jersey are to be registered so that all animals in a pedigree will show as registered for a $10.00 fee.

     The AMJA&R Miniature Jersey breeding program is designed to be available to all who wish to participate.  Anyone having questions may feel free to contact:

American Miniature Jersey Association and Registry LLC

Registrar, Maureen Neidhardt



American Miniature Jersey Association and Registry LLC

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